Hill Aviation are a long-standing client of ours, who had their first website from us 9 years ago, when we first started the business. Web design moves on quickly, and Hill Aviation realised that their 9 year-old website was in need of a makeover. Of course we were happy to oblige!

We created a unique design for the clients, featuring photos of aircraft heavily throughout the site. We designed the site to make it as easy as possible for clients to find the information they were looking for, minimising the number of clicks required to navigate to any part of the site.

Hill’s old site had been gradually disappearing down the Search Engine listings, mainly due to its age and the old coding standard which was in use. Our re-development of the site had an almost immediate effect in the search engines, and Hill began climbing back towards the top of page 1 for their chosen keywords.

See the new site at www.hillaviation.com