As many of you will have read, we’re a Yorkshire business. Our offices are based in the heart of the North Yorkshire countryside, and both directors were born and bred in “God’s own county”.
We celebrate Yorkshire Day on August the 1st, but the day itself has a relatively short history.

The idea for a Yorkshire Day was instigated in 1975, by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, and actually began as a protest at local government changes. It was an act of defiance, but also a way to celebrate the county’s history and traditions.

Yorkshire was originally divided into four ‘Ridings’ – one each for North, East, South and West. One of the local government changes was to remove the word ‘Ridings’, which many Yorkshire residents objected to. The East Riding was the worst affected, with parts being re-assigned to ‘Humberside’. Parts of the West Riding were also reassigned to Lancashire. Given the history of the white rose and red rose (see, War of the Roses) this latter change caused great concern among Yorkshire folk!

The changes remained, but more than 40 years on, Yorkshire Day is still celebrated. For many people it is a day to celebrate the beauty of Yorkshire and its people. One of the more formal traditions which still takes place is the Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity, recited in the City of York.

Other more fun-filled traditions include parties (or more often BBQs) come rain or shine! More information on parties happening across the couny (or the four Ridings) can be found on the Welcome to Yorkshire website.

If you’re going to a party, why not dress for the occasion? A wide range of outfits can be found on the I’m from Yorkshire website and, for the more formal among you, Knightsbridge Neckwear has a Yorkshire Tie!

However you choose to celebrate Yorkshire Day, tek care and have fun. Sithee! (Bye!)